In collaboration with Musicity UK and British Council, we present Musicity Singapore – a location-based, curated, international platform/forum exploring the intersection of music, place, memory and experience.


For Musicity Singapore, seven local and two British recording artists were handpicked and commissioned to compose original music inspired by seven locations in the city.  Through a purpose-built mobile application, the original tracks were heard and downloaded by visiting these locations throughout September / October 2012.

Two of the seven Singapore recording artists collaborated with two leading UK recording artists. The four collaborators spearheaded events featuring live performances and conversations that seek to explore the ways in which artistic expression can be used to bring a new dimension to the way we experience cities, and the world around us. An interactive workshop programme, and talks for students and people interested in music was hosted by leading music artists from Singapore and the UK.

The Musicity project aims to inspire people to see the urban fabric in new ways, thereby encouraging them to explore the city musically, architecturally and experientially.


Musicity Artists
The Analog Girl
Cosa Nostra
I Am David Sparkle
Jason Tan
Jon Hopkins (UK)
Mara Carlyle (UK)