Property owner, Ong Chin Hwee, approached us with an idea to document this 3-unit service apartment he was going to develop right in the heart of Joo Chiat – a historic neighbourhood in Singapore. Along with the architect, Mark Wee, we sat down and discussed the unique points of the architecture – from maintaining the exterior facade right down to the way the space was being experienced. The end result was a book design that mirrors the experience of the space and the many surprises it had in store for the occupants.

We also commissioned three artists from different disciplines to create work whilst living in the space for a week. The result was not just a record of a building’s development, but also a reflection of its place in such an iconic neighbourhood.


About 24 Crane Road
A residential property containing three apartments for
short-term stay. It has been designed to encourage a sense of neighbourliness – inside and out. Guests will experience a series of unique spaces, as well as the opportunity to contemplate the alluring idiosyncrasies of Joo Chiat.

Editor: Narelle Yabuka
Architectural Photography: Francis Ng
Contributing Artists: Ivonne Adel-Bureos, Flee Circus, 
Francis Ng