Quaint Quarterly is an independent print journal curating curiosities from the four corners of the web. Primarily focused on long-form articles and eye-catching illustrations, all the content is handpicked for readers who want to read challenging and insightful materials in a well-crafted format.

Quaint Quarterly features the work of thinkers, writers, and artists whose work is connected to or influenced by the issue’s overall theme (nostalgia, progress, identity, etc.). From personal blogs to renowned writers, from opinion pieces to academic papers, from amateur photographers to award-winning painters, the work gathered is a snapshot of all the incredibly thought-provoking content that can be found online and yet does not necessarily reach all constantly-connected people.

The timelessness of the content makes Quaint Quarterly a unique reading material that can be picked up and read at any moment, regardless of current events or of trending topics. Regarding physical attributes, Quaint Quarterly is printed on high quality paper and is more akin to an art book than a traditional magazine. This unique hybrid format means readers keep and collect the various issues instead of consuming and discarding them. The modern and colourful design of the magazine leads them to proudly display the issues in their homes or in their offices.

Available at www.quaintquarterly.com
Editorial Direction: Jonathan Gonzalez (Gonzo Media Pte. Ltd.)