Dressing the Screen: The Rise of Fashion Film is an exhibition that brings together work by some of the world’s most famous and innovative fashion designers and film-makers and is the official fringe event of Digital Fashion Week Singapore 2013 – British Exchange. Curated by filmmaker Kathryn Ferguson, the exhibition explores the origins, history and pioneering role UK filmmakers and designers have played in the development of fashion film.


Featured Directors

Nick Knight
Peter Greenaway
Quentin Jones
Ruth Hogben
Sarah Chatfield
Sarah Piantadosi
Stéphanie Di Giusto
Sølve Sundsbø

Amanda Boyle
Bart Hess
Elisha Smith-Leverock
Humphrey Jennings
John Maybury
John Malkovich
Kathryn Ferguson
Marie Schuller

The British Council is delighted to be presenting Dressing the Screen, Singapore’s first exhibition of fashion film. The exhibition highlights the UK’s strengths in the arts and innovation and the exchange of new ideas that inspire awareness of creative potential. Working with UK curator Kathryn Ferguson on a discipline that straddles both fashion and film, we have been able to fulfil our interest in engaging with the latest in digital technology and thereby in deepening our impact and audience reach.

Dressing the Screen corresponds to Digital Fashion Week’s aims to provide unprecedented access to fashion by showcasing a form of contemporary fashion expression that surpasses boundaries and is relevant to audience engagement in our digital generation. By positioning the exhibition as the fringe event of Digital Fashion Week Singapore 2013 British Exchange we extend the reach of the exhibition via the extensive digital platforms that allow for heightened cultural exchange.
— Sarah Meisch, PhD Director of Arts, British Council Singapore